2019 - When and Where:

  • January 23rd: How to Identify What Will Get Shared on Social Media [register now]
  • February 20th: Content Strategy Workshop with Liz Murphy (tentative) 
  • March 20th: Tentative HubSpot Guest Speaker

2018 - When and Where: 

  • January 24th: Why Customer Success is the New Inbound Read the recap
  • March 28th: Live Website Review Read the recap
  • May 2nd: Aligning as an Inbound Business Read the recap
  • June 20th: Our first developer HUG! Featuring Matt Coley of HubSpot 
  • July 19th: How to Evolve Your Customer Success Strategy to Fuel Your Company's Growth
  • October 2nd: INBOUND 2018 - WTF!? (What the Flywheel) 


2017 - When and Where: 

  • March 8th: Re-Launch Party! Read the recap
  • April 26th: Workflows! Read the recap
  • June 20th: Pillar Content Workshop! Read the recap
  • August 16th: HubSpot Director of Product Marketing, Jeffry Russo joins us! Read the recap
  • September: INBOUND 2017!
  • October: TWO meetups!
    • 10/11 Session Encore: 5 Sales Enablement Lessons from Hamilton! Read the recap
    • 10/24 Post-INBOUND panel discussion and recap! 
  • December: 6th: Guest speaker Bob Ruffolo & 2017 recap/look to 2018