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Making Text Compatible Across Platforms

[fa icon="calendar'] Mar 11, 2017 3:58:44 PM / by Debra Monkman

We've all been there. You spend hours crafting the perfect e-mail message, choosing the best graphics, making sure your call-to-action is engaging enough, and segmenting your lists to the right audience just to have it all fall apart in testing. Mobile shows one thing, Mac's another and even though you know it's rare you still need to make sure if someone is on Outlook 2003 it needs to look the same on every platform regardless. But how? Here is a great tip that comes from my colleague Jose R. about how you can standardize your text in e-mails.

Before You Begin: Make sure all text is exactly how you want it

Draft your e-mail as you normally would. As soon as you have it perfect then you can make the next changes. If it's not done yet you will have to repeat these steps so save yourself some time and just wait until you are ready to send.

Step 1: Select the proper size, color, and font

Highlight all of your text individually by size and go to: Style-Text Size-(text size you want) For example: I usually use 14 for copy size and 18 or 20 for large headlines. Do the same for changing colors of text or font changes.


Note: If you don't select the text and do this step your text will default to the template specs. Even if you see something different on the screen it will default to the template. So even though it seems tedious don't skip this step.

Step 2: Pixels to Points

Pixels will be the default of any text size you choose but now you need to convert them all to points.  Keep this formula in your head, for every pixel size subtract 3 and you will have your point size. For example:

14px is the same as 11pt
18px is the same as 15pt

Step 3: Change the Code

Coding may seem scary to most but this is really fairly simple to do. Click on the source code <>  in every text module you have. Each one is different so you will have to do this for all of your modules. All references to pixels now need to change to the point size you converted it to in step 2.


To make it easier you can search to find them all. Control F or Command F on a Mac will bring up a finder window. Type in the pixel size you are searching for and it will highlight each instance of that code. You can then change them all and not miss any of them. Once you've found and changed them all the finder box will have a red outline around it. This is how you know you've changed them all.


Note: You may have more than one text size in a module so make sure to change them all to the accurate point size you want.

Step 4: Test your e-mail

Go ahead now and test your e-mail in multiple clients. They should all now look the same. If not you may have missed some code or a module to change. Repeat until it's perfect.

This has been a tried and true method that our company has used for the last year. If you follow these steps your text is sure to come out the same on multiple platforms without any incident.

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